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Shoreline Media Marketing Solutions. The Shoreline Process. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Marketing & Design Process that have so many business owners saying Shoreline. It’s pretty simple. We want to be as professional as possible with the respected and professional reputation that many have come to know. Shoreline was not built by taking a ton of ads out in local papers. It was built by you, our clients. It was built by being able to show all size businesses what works and does not work as well as getting them their results or leads they are looking for. Your website, how and where you appear in searches and setting yourself apart from your competition are the biggest determining factors in your company’s success. Shoreline Media Marketing is a company built on honesty, quality and trust that understands the importance of these factors and how to achieve them in a way that works best for you. We accept the responsibility of representing and showcasing your company to the world with the utmost professionalism and dedication. Together, we carefully construct your online presence; designing a site unique to the strengths and goals of your company and optimize how and where your target audience will find you. The process that Shoreline goes by is the Quality and the Honesty we give all clients and projects.

Before Shoreline Media Marketing Solutions starts any Web, SEO, Social Media, or Online Marketing project we meet with the client to go over exactly what they are looking for. Do they have a website already? If yes What’s wrong with it, What don’t you like? After that we will go through and see what the flaws of the site are. Evaluate the current structure and try to create a better structure based on the business. At that point we proceed to the the checklist of our design & Marketing Process and start the research.

seo nj shoreline THE PROCESS

  • Company Research
    Shoreline Media Marketing Solutions will research your company to gain the knowledge and history of your services. By doing this it helps us better organize and structure the information on your website. We will research competitors to see how your company is different. We also research searches for your services to see how we can help better position the site on the web. During the company research stage we also like to get to know who we will be working with as a direct contact. Shoreline needs to understand what resources will be available during the engagement and get moving as fast as possible. Some critical questions asked would be:

    • Who is our Technical Resource to help with information we may need?
    • Who on your team will be in control of creating content for any material we publish or develop?
    • Who is working on the inbound leads on your team?
    • Do you have a plan for resource management?
    • Optimization Research / Marketing & Branding Research
      What are the key search terms that are used for your company? What are the best domain names to use so it is easy to search as well as type, keywords, and key phrases you can use to help get your site onto all the major search engines. With online webmaster tools we research all of the possible Search Engine Optimization tools that will work best on your site for your company. We also take a look at how you are branding your company. Does your press material all look the same, does it fit and most of all is it working. We then take everything you are currently marketing and organize what you have to see how we can make it work better.
    • Design, Structure, & Layout For Web & Marketing Architecture 
      The Design, Structure and layout of your site is important. Giving that potential client the information that they want or need when they need it is important. What is also important is the look and feel of the site as well as it being easy to navigate with clean and organized navigation. Strong  Navigation structure, Strong Design, and Professional layout is something you want to wow the visitor. Shoreline makes sure that the design structure of your site fits the structure of your company. Shoreline will also look at the structure of your Marketing. Is it structured to a point where it is helping you and helping drive the potential customers/clients to the site. Shoreline will look into all aspects of your media solutions to see where we can improve everything and have it all work together. From there we start to build.Most of our design packages come with a professional photographer that visits your location and spends time capturing the true feel and look of how you want to present your business on the web. Our staff of knowledgeable and trained photographers will spend the time they need to capture strong images to go along with our professional design. Shoreline will not accept any images taken from the Internet. All clients that provide images to Shoreline must have copyright information for that image in order to use it on any website or marketing material.
    • Editor & Grammatical Critiquing
      This is where we will Strategically Develop Content or help SEO your current content. Once the site has been built, The pages/categories have been structures and the content has been entered your website will go on to be edited for any grammatical changes as well as spelling and punctuation corrections. In most cases a lot of the content is supplied by the client which we may edit to better support the SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  If the content is not supplied we will write fresh and relevant contact that pertains to all of your services or profession which will also go through all phases of editing and grammatical critiquing. If content is needed which in most cases it is you must be very careful when creating anything new. Always remember that it must be strong content and most of all YOUR content. We may ask questions such as:
    • Who on your marketing team will be creating content?
    • Who on your marketing team created current content?
    • How frequently wlll folks on this team be able to write?
    • If any, How many times will you be blogging or adding content to the site

      “A huge THANK YOU to Joe and his team over at Shoreline Media. Not only is our website exactly what I wanted but their marketing strategies and Social Media implementation is working wonders for Tommy’s. Professional, Affordable and results. Thank you Shoreline Media
      Tommy Bonfiglio
      Tommy’s Coal Fired Pizza
      Brick NJ, Red Bank NJ, Oakhurst NJ
      small gold star THE PROCESSsmall gold star THE PROCESSsmall gold star THE PROCESSsmall gold star THE PROCESSsmall gold star THE PROCESS 


    • User & Potential Client Experience
      Might sound strange but just like going to a hotel or restaurant. The first thing you want is to have the customer come back to you. This is something we stress on. Having a clean well content driven site is something that will give your visitors a great experience and wanting to come back to your site anytime they need information on your services or even to just browse certain sections like blogs, Tips & Tricks, and much more. We make sure that each part of your site fits best for the target market you are trying to reach. The user wants an easy experience finding everything they need without getting frustrated searching your site.
    • Social & Media Integration
      Being that social media and video are getting more and more popular we want to be sure that all of your networks are visible anywhere the user is going on your site. We will research what sites you have, don’t have, and what sites you need to have to help implement this into the design leaving the visitor to get to all of your Social Media sites as well as letting them post useful information from your sites to their social networks. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, or any other Social Media Site we make sure it fits with the structure of your design and marketing design. But i don’t really need Social Media. Wrong!! half of the Social media Networks out there are free advertising. It just takes professional set up and knowledge to get the results you want.
    • Tracking
      Tracking is an important tool that most people lack on their website. You want to be able to track who visits and when they visit. Not only to keep track of the hits or clicks you are getting but to see where the visitors are going to and how long they are staying there. This will give you information on what pages are not being targeted to help improve the information on that particular page.
    • Marketing / Link Building 
      Marketing your website is important when it comes to traffic and trying to get those new leads turning them into clients. We market your site just like as it was our own. We research what directories you should be a part of, Search Engine Submissions, Google Accounts, Social Media Accounts, Micro Marketing, and much more. We are sure to set your company up with any tools we feel best fit your marketing structure. We take those tools and implement them into your online network.
    • Testing
      Testing your website is just as important as designing it. The key things we look for are the following. Does my website look the same on all browsers? Does my website look the same on all mobile devices? Does my website look as it does on regular computers on all mobile devices? Shoreline Media Marketing makes sure all of these get answered with YES. We make sure all designs are mobile friendly, work on all browsers, and function the same anywhere you are viewing it. Not only that we make sure all keywords as well as optimization are all in order before going live. Search Engine Submission, Directory Submissions, Keywords, Page Titles, Image Tagging, and Content Optimization are just a few of the check points we cover.


    Traffic Generation

    • Better SEO
    • Stronger Content
    • A Better Social Media Presence.

    Website Lead Generation

    • Lower Bounce Rate
    • Re-Design to appeal more to those potential customers

    Web Leads into Customers

    • Less Spam
    • Better E-Mail Marketing
    • Better E-Mail Designs

    Website and tracking Analysis

    • Audits to improve your site
    • Tracking your Visits
    • Tracking the Send Button

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