Shoreline Media NJThe strength of your company’s online presence means everything. Your website, how and where you appear in searches and setting yourself apart from your competition are the biggest determining factors in your company’s success. Shoreline Media Marketing is a company built on honesty, quality and trust that understands the importance of these factors and how to achieve them in a way that works best for you. We accept the responsibility of representing and showcasing your company to the world with the utmost professionalism and dedication. Together, we carefully construct your online presence; designing a site unique to the strengths and goals of your company and optimize how and where your target audience will find you.

Our eclectic client base spans from all over The United States so having offices on both the East and West Coasts allows us to offer you comfort in knowing we can adapt to whatever your business and marketing strategy may be. We do not take on large volumes of customers and never outsource our work. We believe in quality, not quantity and therefore will always be there to assist you however and whenever you need. We know and understand prompt response and action is what you need and what will keep you coming back to us and pride ourselves on providing you with exactly that. The Shoreline team is knowledgeable, experienced and continually receiving certification in our specialized fields to ensure that we can provide you with the latest information, and know-how of application to the ever-changing ocean of information that is the world wide web. Together, we will find an ideal marketing strategy for your company and define you within the vast ambiguity of the internet. Together we will thrive organically. By: Joe Sernio

Stockton College NJ, Internship

Shoreline Media Marketing would like to thank Stockton College of NJ for participating in the Shoreline Media Marketing Internship Program. This program will help place internships into some of the fields offered by Shoreline including Social Media Marketing, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization and General Project Management. The program was started in 2015. Interns interested in this program can complete the form on our career page by Clicking Here.



Joe Sernio, Shoreline Media NJ

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Shoreline Media Marketing is a FULL SERVICE MARKETING FIRM, specializing in WEBSITE DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT and SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. Shoreline is quickly becoming the local leader in Web Design, Optimization, Online Marketing, Social Media and much more in not only Monmouth County, but all over New Jersey and New York. Shoreline Media Marketing was formed by Award Winning Actor and Entrepreneur Joe Sernio. (View Acting Website Here) Joe is a Two time graduate of The Chubb Institute: First for Network Administration and also for CTS (Computer Technical Support). Joe started out working for The Tolly Group in Manasquan, New Jersey, later furthering his career in New York working for Mark Echo Enterprises as a Software Technician for Echo, G-Unit, Zoo York, and other Mark Echo owned and operated companies. After the death of his father, Joe took over a percentage of a restaurant in Jersey City where he eventually fell into the work of Film and Television.

Joe currently appears on several TV Shows as well as in Films. Joe formed Shoreline Media Marketing after being in the industry and realizing that in order to help your business grow, YOU MUST ADVERTISE, but not advertise in a way where you are going broke. Advertise so you generate revenue and increase your sales; letting you become your own Advertising Agent, thus resulting in you saving your money to build more capital. We look at your business as our business and set out to do one thing; help small and large businesses succeed more on the web. With Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, as well as Internet Marketing, you the business owner control all of your content whenever you need. “What bothers me the most is when small business owners are taken advantage of with their online marketing plans.” “80% of clients I have spoke to before they joined Shoreline Media Marketing were so unhappy about there website and online marketing strategy, they were ready to give up. My goal with Shoreline Media Marketing is to offer your business a clear vision of your Web Marketing Future. Not only do we deliver a professional Design & Marketing structure and platform, but a structure that works and is designed for your business.

At Shoreline Media Marketing your satisfaction is our #1 priority when marketing and optimizing your business. Shoreline Media Marketing is out to provide a High Standard of Excellence in the complete Start to Finish Process of your Web Design and SEO Marketing. I also truly believe in communication with all of our clients on a regular basis. Frequent communication is something we value with all of our customers. In 2011, Joe took Shoreline Media Marketing Solutions to Asbury Park where he opened The Corporate Office as well as the Shoreline Media Video/Photo Studio. Today Shoreline is ran by Joe, along with a group of individuals that run departments within Shoreline such as Merchandise, Branding, Programming, Grammatical, Printing (Post Cards, Business Cards, Banners, etc) and so much more.



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Tom Maier, Shoreline Media Marketing

Joe S.

Web / SEO

Joe Sernio, Shoreline Media Marketing

The Shoreline Media Marketing Team, as well as its Network, is growing more and more because of our relationships with our clients as well as our A+ work and frequent communication. Having a Marketing Company as well as SEO Agency that has the knowledge to get the results that you need is important for all size businesses. Shoreline Media Marketing is quickly becoming the local leader in Web Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media and much more in not only the greater New Jersey Area, but all over The Nation. We value all of our customers and know that if you grow, we grow. Shoreline Media Marketing has more than just our main company site for Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We offer sites for FAQ’s to all who would like to gain more knowledge about what we do and how we can help. Shoreline Media Marketing has websites quickly accessible for Social Media Marketing, Micro Site Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and much more. We are proud to announce our newest site We frequently update you our valued client with a free case study, as well as all progress we have made in the ongoing relationship between The Shoreline Media Team and your growing business!

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