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Content Management
The Ideal Platform for Websites, Blogging, Marketing and so Much More

Your own Custom Dashboard to edit and create Users, Pages, Posts, Blogs and more. Most Web design customers have greater needs these days than just a basic site with a description of their company. They now have a clearer and better understanding of how they want their websites to perform, and the behind the scenes functions that can be built in to make it possible. Shoreline Media Marketing concentrates all of their efforts to give the customer something they can control and edit on their own with an installed Content Management System (CMS). A Content Management System can provide and open the user to a number of benefits.

wordpress dashboard Content Management

The goal at Shoreline Media Marketing is to help you build and maintain a successful website by receiving the search engine traffic that that pertains to your business and your website which will bring the user and customers interest to your business on the World Wide Web. By using CMS Systems (Content Management Systems) it helps build an online community with blogs, user generated comments, professional plug-ins, stats and much more. With this powerful tool you have access to control all of your data, Images, Blogs, SEO, and much more with a simple login and full back-end control.

seo.jpg" rel="shadowbox[sbpost-593];player=img;">wordpress seo Content ManagementCMS Sytems (Content Management Systems) offers you a unique way of building, maintaining, and managing your website. With a simple to use back end interface you can blog, create pages, create posts, check stats, Email Newsletters, update your own SEO, and much more. We offer a few different services with each of our packages. With a full service Dashboard you can also control all Plug-ins that may be available for your CMS system (Content Management Systems) such as Newsletter, SEO, Image Galleries, Social Media Plug-ins, Constant Contact and many more leaving this powerful tool an amazing way to grow and control your online business.

Below you can see a few that we will offer.

  • Configure and optimize SEO Plugins
  • Properly create, configure, and optimize sitemap.xml
  • Automatic submissions to major search engines
  • Monthly SEO Reports
  • Set up and configure Google Analytics
  • W3C Validations for Home Page
  • Check for Valid XHTML/CSS code for errors
  • Image Tagging on all images for Optimization
  • Check optimization for your desired keywords These are just some of the areas we can cover
  • Contact us today for a free website evaluation.
  • CMS technical support
  • WordPress server and domain migration
  • System Upgrades upgrades
  • SEO services & Updates
  • Security Updates

wordpress pages Content ManagementCMS Systems (Content Management Systems) are one of the best platforms for your online website and is also the most powerful. Think about posting articles, Coupons, Blogs, and users able to comment on them right from your website. How about needing to change something the second you see a mistake. How about wanting to update some main keywords in your SEO or page titles…. Easy Go to your administrative login for your site, Type in the user name and password, and change what you need. Everything is done instantly to the web as you hit the publish button.

With this being said it leaves CMS Systems (Content Management Systems) an Ideal Platform for Small Business Websites.

Why Should I Choose to go with a Content Management System?
The keyword here is CONTROL. Assess your website & Content anywhere.
Go with some kind of CMS (Content Management) system. Have access to ALL of your data anytime you need it. Your web site should be visually appealing, with one primary font for the text and a simple primary color scheme, along with an easy-to-navigate layout, and readily identifiable buttons to link to other pages in the site. Your content should focus on and address the problems of your visitors and how your product or service can help solve their problems. Rather than listing the features of your product or service, detail the benefits they’ll gain from purchasing your product or service.

The benefits of Content Management Systems (CMS) are never ending. You can control every inch of your small or large website. Whether it is a small business or a corporate enterprise CMS systems are the most powerful when it comes to building your website. Take a look at a few more examples of how it can benefit you.

content management 6 Content Management content management 4 Content Management
Login from any computer anywhere in the world to edit or create any content on your site. You can created Pages as well as blogs, image galleries, forms and more. Connect your website with all of your Social Media sites so everything is updated all at once. Once your site is updated your Social sites will be updated as well.
content management 1 Content Management   
Change colors, headers, menus and more as you have full control on all options within your site. Be able to change images, upload files and even change colors.  



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