Micro Site Strategy

Micro Marketing, Landing Pages, & Sales Pages

What is better than having one website advertising your business or products? The answer? Having multiple pages throughout the internet all pointing to your main website. Many companies say that they can master the “Micro-Site” strategy better than others, but Shoreline Media has studied, and tested many sites and strategies to ensure we can master the marketing craze for micro-sites. Whether it is one Micro Site or 20 Micro Sites they all help in the optimization of your service or product.

We can help you create and online portal to a huge network for your company. With a full user friendly back-end to update all your posts and pages and the most powerful SEO tools on the internet each of your sites will do all of the work for you.

Pay Per Click & Micro Marketing. What’s The Difference ?

Think of Pay Per Click Advertising. What do they do? They optimize a listing, and from there they generate clicks from each visitor. Each click costs you $$$. Then once the clicks are up or your budget is maxed its like a light switch. They turn it off. Until you spend more money of coarse. We are not against PPC advertising we just want to help our customers have a strong web presence without paying so much in web marketing. With micro site your always on. To broadly generalize, SEO is best for long term visibility online, while Pay Pay Per Click is great for targeted “campaigns” as it can be turned on or off . SEO will build the value and equity of a website over time. Its results are not immediate but grow with long term focus and effort.Pay Per Click ads do not affect web search results and therefore do not build long term equity.

Landing Pages, Sales Pages, Mini Sites, Whatever you would like to call them.

Get more traffic to your website with Landing Pages.. Separate from your website this is an entirely different site with a different domain name but the same look and optimized to point users to your website driving more traffic. Push a questionnaire, a coupon, whatever you would like. Sample are available.

Landing page is a website page that is created for one purpose – to persuade the site visitor to convert into a customer by making a sale, completing a form (thereby becoming a qualified lead), signing up for a newsletter, etc.

We provide this landing page quick reference so you can pull it out every time you are creating a persuasive landing page. It is divided into 4 sections and is intended to be an all-inclusive tip sheet.

Most importantly, consider that you have 8 seconds or less to convince your visitor to act. If you haven’t convincingly made your case in this time then your visitor will move on and will be lost, as the Internet has created the most fickle customer in sales history.

Advertise a product or even products with a one page website. A one page website you can edit, tag, SEO, upload to, and more all with a simple username and password. Our Micro-site strategy works and it will work for you. Add this into one of our Press Packages or Website Packages for maximum SEO performance.

What if I have a main website but a few different companies?
Great question and great answer to that question. Shoreline Media Marketing specializes in marketing just like this. We try to get away from Pay Per Click Advertising and get you going on sites that generate these leads without you spending so much money a month. Having one main website as your main portal is great. Having a few is even better. Lets say you have one main company. Then off of the company you have 3 seperate divisions. Having websites for all of those divisions not only looks professional but give you the online visibility you want. It markets all of the sites using them as a network of sites linking to one another. From the sites you can link them back to your main website as well as create landing pages for those individual sites. Take a look at the diagram below for a better understanding.

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