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Internet Marketing. Did you know it is a lot cheaper to invest efforts and time into getting a higher position in Google and other search engines, as the traffic from search engines are super targeted. These visitors produce much better effect on your business and its sales. If you’re the owner of a small service business, having a solid Internet marketing plan in place can both increase your name and brand recognition locally in your geographic area, as well as expose you to a whole new set of potential clients throughout the world.

It’s no longer sufficient to add a few META tags, submit your site and wait for top placement. Many search engines give only token attention to META tags in lieu of giving more weight to the actual content within the website. Optimization, positioning, content relevance, incoming links and much more go into a successfully promoted site.

Google Local & Google Maps

Professional Press Releases
Shoreline Media Marketing Micro Site Strategy
Using the best internet marketing tools out there today we can help market your new/old site throughout the internet. From Constant Contacts, Press Releases, Google Local, Google Maps, to the SEO of your site we help ensure that you are getting the maximum performance of your marketing on the net.

We can easily set up and maintain:

  • Your own Constant Contacts Email Marketing
  • Press Releases (with Google Search Results, and tracking)
  • Google Maps and Google Local Accounts
  • Analytics To Track Your Visitors
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ..
  • Social Media / Social Media Site Integration
  • Galleries
  • Online Flip Books – Turn Your Catalog into an online catalog How about an online catalog that your customers can flip through right from there screen? Using the latest in online marketing technology we can add your online catalog on the web in a fancy format so customers can flip through, see detailed images, detailed descriptions, and more right from your website.
  • Bing Business Profiles
  • Google Local, Google Maps & Google Buzz Profiles
    …..And more


Do you have an older website? Not really up to date with the latest plugins, blogs, user content, etc..? Let us create the ultimate marketing package for you. From small businesses to large we help you grow.

Some considerations you need to make as you complete your Internet marketing plan:

Objective of Internet Marketing Plan:
What do you want to accomplish by using Internet marketing? To find new clients? Provide services and info to existing clients? Sell services or products? Educate your target market or your staff about your product or service? Create an online community for your target market? How much money to have to spend each month on this Internet marketing plan? Having a goal and budget in mind will make your marketing more effective.

Your Competition:
Knowing and understanding where you stand among your competitors can help you strengthen your marketing message. Do a keyword search for the terms someone might use to find your business online. Write down the URL’s of your top 5 competitors.

Target Market:
Instead of trying to marketing to everyone find a clearly definable target market that you can easily describe and locate. Are they male or female? What age group? What industry?

Branding Your Business:
Your domain name can either help you be memorable or cast you into a sea of “brandless” solutions. At a minimum, you’ll want to buy both your personal name as well as the name of your business in the .com version, if it’s available. Then buy the .com versions of your product names and program names. You may also think of problems faced by your target market or solutions that you provide and buy domain names in the .com version of those as well.

Internet Marketing Strategies:
How will you create traffic to your website? There are countless ways to do this, including: Organic search engine listing ranking (in which your site comes up at the top of the non-sponsored listings on a search engine by having keyword rich descriptions in the page title and page desciption meta tags and then optimizing each page for no more than 3 keywords in the first 250 words on a page); well-written email newsletter that is published on a regular basis; submission of articles on topics related to your target market to article submission directories; regularly post entries to a blog aimed at your target market, full of content discussing issues related to that target market; series of podcasts containing interview with experts of interest to your target market; ongoing series of Press Releases containing value-added content for your target market linking everything to your main website; Landing pages introducing your company..

Enhanced Business Listings
Enhance the way your customers and others find you on the web. Shoreline Media helps enhance all of your business listings such as Google Local, Google Maps, Bing, and more. With the creation of Maps, QR Codes, and Mobile Listing Links we create and enhance any of your business listings on the internet. Read More on Enhanced Business Listings

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