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Scripts Add-ons & More

Location and Map Scripts

Your visitors click on the directions tab, Allow your site to view their current location and that’s it! Have your site let visitors know how far away they are.

Enhanced Company Sharing and News Intranets

Company Intranet. Have documents for internal use only? Want employees to be able to sign in and out, Access files, private files and more? Not a problem. Our Secure and enhanced designs can help any company with an intranet.

Professional High-End Lead Generation

Professional High-End Lead Generation

Lead Generation Forms

Lead Generation forms that can be sent to your email, Stored into your website database and tracked!!. Use these for Landing pages to generate and track incoming leads!!

Advanced Menu Systems

Optimized and Advanced Menu Systems. Get the most out of your content as well as Social Media and other important links.  Branded to YOUR look.

Your Very Own Ad Server

Your Very Own Ad Server – Do you have ads that customers pay for to be on your site? Are they just images that are paste somewhere in your template? Why not have your very own ad server? Have clients or customers sign in to their own account track their Clicks, Impressions and even purchase more ad space.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Like and Page Share Tools – All Phases of Social Media Marketing. Have something you would like give to your customers or potential customers? Why not have them post your site to their Facebook wall? Once they do that they are awarded with a download link to download anything you wish to allow them to download.

Age Verification & Security Scripts

Age Verification & Security Scripts – All sites need different tools. Age verification, Login Locks, Certain types of forms, Social Media Tools and more. Shoreline can provide ALL types of additions to your site to help market, maintain and manage your site.

Custom Review System

Add a Custom Review System to your site so customers can login and write reviews. All reviews will be submitted to search engines as well as appear in search engines with the star rating system. Optimize all of your amazing feedback across all search engines.

Advanced Store Locator

Use this marketing feature to show all of your locations. No matter what kind of website you have this can be built in to help give directions and maps to all of your business locations.

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