Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click, (PPC) – Using Search Engine Optimization and
Analytic Tracking to Effectively Market your Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign

Shoreline Media is proud to work along side companies such as New Jupiter Media (PPC  Management & Ad Words Experts)   The most trusted Google Agency since 2005! When creating and managing any Ad word or Pay Per Click (PPC) accounts.

New Jupiter Media is a group of talented Digital Marketing experts with a Global Presence but a “Friendly Neighbor” attitude. They establish long-term personal relationships with all of their clients and try to treat your business as if were our very own. New Jupiter has helped many of our clients become leaders in their industry. Together Shoreline and New Jupiter want to take your campaigns to the next level. Visit Their Site. Tell them Shoreline sent you.

Ad Words Expert, PPC Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) Analytic and Reporting

One of the biggest mistakes some people encounter when designing their Pay Per Click campaigns or optimizing their Landing Pages is the way they are designed and tracked. With Shoreline Media Marketing’s Pay Per Click (PPC) Analytic and Reporting knowledge we can help ensure that your campaigns are being tracked correctly as well as delivering the statistics in an easy to understand and manageable form. Not only that but Shoreline Media works with one of the most trusted Google Agencies in the business!.

As most know a great way to advertise online is to start with some Pay Per Click Advertising. Pay Per Click Advertising is known to be one of the most simple forms of online marketing/advertising to track. To monitor as well as manage your Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns correctly you should always have the correct Analytic tracking code installed on your sites page or individual Landing Pages that are tied to your campaigns.

With Shoreline Media Marketing not only can we help design and manage your Landing Page Optimization but we can also help ensure that your campaign Landing Page is being tracked correctly. You can received reports on a weekly basis of all tracking results coming through this page. If designed and optimized correctly you can keep your bounce rate low and your contacts from new visitors high.

Why New Jupiter Media for PPC?

The AdWords management team at New Jupiter Media has 15 years of experience in Google PPC. We’ve got the know-how when it comes to getting you the best conversion rates.
New Jupiter Media is a Google AdWords Certified Partner and a Bing Ads Preferred Company. For Google AdWords all of our Account Managers are Google AdWords Qualified at the Advanced Level. For the Yahoo! Bing Network we are all Bing Ads Accredited Professionals.

New Jupiter Media uses a mix of proprietary and 3rd party technology solutions to design, manage, & optimize our client’s Paid Search campaigns.

New Jupiter Media is a “boutique” agency located in the NY / NJ Metro Area with 10 Professionals, over 125 Clients and $1 Million in Monthly Spend Under Management. We are a Google AdWords Certified Partner and a Microsoft Advertising Accredited Company.

Why Not Shoreline Media for PPC?

Working together with New Jupiter Media & Shoreline allows us to provide our clients with the tools as well as professional monitored Ad Campaigns they need to generate those leads they want. You will find a number of companies that say “Yea we can do that” when in reality they can not. There is a simple reason why Shoreline and New Jupiter joined forces…. CERTIFIED & FOCUSED.. New Jupiter is a Google AdWords Certified Partner only focusing on one thing. PPC Campaigns.. One company of professionals all certified on one major marketing area rather than multiple. This allows them to stay up to date on all areas and advancements.

Contact us using the form to your right to inquire about our PPC packages and see how we can help with Lead Generation for your business. You can also visit New Jupiter Media by Clicking Here.

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