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Mobile Marketing & Design

Did you know that Mobile Coupons receive 10 time higher redemption rates than print coupons?

mobile website marketing Mobile Marketing & DesignThe most up to date and optimized Mobile website you can get. Shoreline can give your site an entire new mobile look. Need to edit your mobile site? No problem with editing capability via computer or right from the very mobile device you are looking at your site on. You can sign in and edit. Fully optimized and professional designed for all businesses large or small.

The days are gone when talking to someone was the prime reason to use a phone. In fact, if you own a smartphone, chances are you use it far more for things other than calling. Shoreline Media Marketing keeps in mind that a very high percentage of users these days do more searching on there mobile device than anywhere else. When we design your site, landing pages, micro sites, or even marketing packages we keep in mind that not only do they have to search, and do the work for you but also must be mobile friendly. How about a separate website just for a mobile device? Making your website switch looks when someone goes to it from their mobile device.

I think by now it is safe to say that Mobile Marketing and Design as well as Mobile search is growing and will continue to keep growing. Sites such as have put out statements with facts on Mobile Searches. One says: In a March 2011 study conducted by ROI Research Inc., 49 percent of mobile search engine users made a purchase on their device within the past six months. What’s more, 83 percent of respondents said they search for local retailers on their mobile devices, while 63 percent use smartphones and tablets to search for product information before making purchases in a bricks-and-mortar store or from a catalog.

In another article section the article goes on to say Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt said earlier this year that 78 percent of smartphone owners shop online using their mobile handset, and that mobile web use is growing at supersonic speed. “We look at the charts internally and it’s happening faster than all of our predictions,” Schmidt told attendees at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual leadership meeting. “This is the future, and everyone will adapt.”

Interesting Mobile Marketing Facts

  • 70% of mobile searches lead to action within one hour.
  • Mobile Coupons receive 10 time higher redemption reates than print coupons?
  • Did you know that the Weather Channel gets Sky-High clic-through rates on mobile display banner ads vs. destop banner ads?
  • Did you know that 16.7M mobile subscribers, including 76% of the smartphone owners, used location-based check-in?

Mobile Marketing and Design is crucial to some businesses. Your site should be just as visible as it is on a regular computer on any tablet device and smart phone. Shoreline Media Marketing can help you with your Mobile Marketing and Design. We have helped many businesses gorw their online visibility by helping to implement a strong marketing approach online through Social Media, Website Design, Blogs and Mobile Marketing.

With Mobile Marketing and Design you can be as creative as you would like. Lets say you have an event coming up that you want to advertise for. You build a mobile website or page where visitors can only see this page through their smart phones and not through the web. Why? Give it some excitement. It will force them to visit or scan this flyer bringing them to this special page. How about dedicating a mobile page for a group that is using your services on a regular basis. Lets say you want to give that group 25% off of their next visit or purchase. They visit a special mobile site via their smart device to redeem the coupon.


Mobile Marketing New Jersey Mobile Marketing & DesignCombining smartphones, feature phones and connected devices, Millennial Media finds that smartphones accounted for more than two in three mobile impressions onto the Millennial mobile advertising network in May 2011. Feature phones (17%) and connected devices (16%) were responsible for virtually equal shares. Within connected devices, mobile gaming devices and MP3 players combined to generate 70% of the connected device impressions, and tablets accounted for another 29%.

There are many ways to use Mobile Marketing and Design. All websites nowadays should have some sort of mobile capability or Marketing approach to point mobile users in the correct location. Social Media, QR Codes, etc are all great ways to get this running.

Interesting Mobile Marketing Facts

  • 81% of smartphone usershave done product research viasmartphone and 50% have made a purchase with one.
  • 33% of US mobile customers prefer offers via text message to those via mobile Web (21%), apps (11%), and voice mail (8%).
  • Data from Jumptap’sSTAT report suggeststhat while its networkreaches an even splitof men and women,men are more likely toclick on ads.[
  • In June, 2011 the number of U.S. wireless subscriber connections surpassed the U.S.