Landing Page Optimization

Using Landing Page Optimization and Analytic Tracking to Effectively Market your Business to NEW Leads

Landing Page Optimization

When advertising using Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC) you have to be sure to correctly optimize your Landing Page that is working with your Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign. With Shoreline Media Marketing’s Landing Page Optimization we can deliver results to help your Landing Page Optimization work the correct way when attached to a Pay Per Click Campaign. Traffic being delivered to your landing page from your Pay Per Click (PPC) ads should pertain to what you are advertising in your Pay Per Click ad.

With the knowledge and experience in Landing Page Optimization Shoreline Media Marketing can help your Landing Page deliver the results you want to effectively advertise your products or services using a professional well built campaign and Landing Page. Our Landing Page optimization involves some of the most up to date optimization you can add on your Landing Page.

Focus Areas of Landing Page Optimization

  • Content that delivers all required information pertaining to your Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign
  • Content that delivers all required facts about your campaign for a lower bounce rate on your Landing Page
  • Professional and optimized designs to work in conjuction with your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign
  • Analytic Tracking to help monitor where visitors are going when landing at your Landing Page
  • Forms or Buttons pointing to a contact form specificly designed for that Landing Page to help track the amount of sent messages from your Landing Page

If you are running an internet advertising or marketing campaign, then your landing page may be the single most critical component of your media marketing campaign.

Landing Page Lead ConversionA landing page is not necessarily your home page; instead, a landing page is the single page that is going to appear when you a person clicks on a search result, on an advertisement, or in embedded links in email or links from social media campaigns. Generally, your landing page is going to have sales copy on it, though the content of your landing page is something that is going to vary with different business types and business goals.

Overall, the goal of a landing page optimization is to serve as a catalyst for change in the people who visit; does the landing page make it more likely for visitors to become customers? The greater the conversion rate from visitor to customer, the more successful the landing page. Of course, the optimal conversion rate or a landing page is going to differ with the product, market size, and price of the product. It is not enough for your landing page to have search engine optimized (SEO) content; while it is great for customers to get to your landing page, what is really critical is that the customers then take action once they get there!

Landing page optimization is particularly important when you are using a pay per click (PPC) campaign. As the name suggests, in a PPC campaign, you pay when users click through to your landing page.

If your landing page is ineffective at accomplishing your goals, then the sought-after high click-through rate that you want from a marketing campaign is actually going to work against you, because you will be paying for clicks that do not result in conversions.

Shoreline Media understands how critical it is to have a landing page that meets your individual business needs and can help you accomplish your goals. We will help you plan your landing page based on your business goals, so that customers not only get all of the necessary information that they need from that page, but are also able to carry out their transactions from that page. We help you simplify your process and convert visitors to customers.

Shoreline Media also handle pay per click management that ensures that your click-through results are being measured and analyzed effectively, to give you an ongoing ability to tweak your landing page results to keep up with changing demands.

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