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To Grade or Not To Grade. Online Website Grader Tips

Posted on 08/05/11 No Comments

To Grade or Not To Grade. Online Website Grader Tips Shoreline Media Marketing,  Media Solutions Across All Mediums By: Joe Sernio Even though I own a Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web and marketing company, you would be surprised how many emails or visits I have with people trying to sell me websites with the pitch […]

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Enhanced Business Listings

Posted on 05/05/11 No Comments

Enhanced and Optimized Business Listings By: Joe Sernio Did you know that you can have enhanced business listings on most major search engines for free? Some are such powerful tools they help drive traffic to your site. You have to have a good content driven and well designed site to show that potential customer once […]

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The Powerful Benefits of Blogging and your Business.

Posted on 12/21/10 No Comments

The Powerful Benefits of Blogging and your Business. By: Joe Sernio Blogging is an efficient connecting and interacting tool, which makes extensive use of different Internet attributes. It is largely used by advertisers for marketing purposes as well as business owners on there websites. Knowledge sharing and management is the most important benefit of blogging. […]

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QR Code Marketing & Optimization

Posted on 12/13/10 No Comments

QR Code Marketing & Optimization. What Are QR Codes? QR Codes Drive Traffic To Mobile Content. QR (Quick Response) codes are two-dimensional bar codes that when scanned by a Smartphone’s camera directs the user to an organizations mobile content. QR codes are commonly used on business cards, posters, brochures, direct mail, billboards, promotional products, print […]

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The More Content The Better?

Posted on 11/25/10 No Comments

The More Content The Better? SEO Talk A Good Article From StreetDirectory Search engine optimization is complicated for a reason. Search engines do not want people figuring out how they function or how they work to rank websites. If everybody knew how they worked then people would manipulate them to reach the top of the […]

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Google Places & SEO

Posted on 11/12/10 No Comments

Using Google Places for your business. NJ Web Design, SEO, Marketing. Each business listing on Google is in fact a giant ‘cluster’ of information that we get from a few different places: Yellow Pages, for example, as well as other third-party providers. However, the basic information that you submit through Google Places is the information […]

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Why Press Release & Micro-sites Work

Posted on 09/17/10 No Comments

Press Releases, Internet Marketing, and SEO Rather than me sit here and write on how i can help your site, or build you a better site, or have your site marketed the right way. I want to show you some results. Results that had visitors to some of these sites within and hour of using […]

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Top Reasons Why WordPress is the Ideal Platform for Small Business Websites

Posted on 09/17/10 No Comments

Why WordPress is the Ideal Platform for Small Business Websites. I saw this article online on the New Media Profit Path website and wanted to share this. Why WordPress is the ideal platform for small business websites. Easy to Use The first reason why WordPress is such a great web publishing platform for small business […]

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Marketing on the Internet is Elementary

Posted on 08/04/10 No Comments

Many people tend to over-complicate things when marketing on the internet. No doubt there are some technical skills involved but nothing that the average ‘Joe’ can not master. The fact is that almost every online marketer started with little more than simply a desire to make money. It is the ones who also possess the […]

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